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Are you in the Stink Zone?

In general, anything within 1 mile of a sewage treatment plant is considered 'in range'. And it's not just the smell: On real-estate listing your home will now be listed as being near a sewage treatment plant.

Please feel free to copy and share this map. You can also find a much larger copy here [390k PNG] if you want it in high-res.

Are you in the Stink Zone

The area in green represents everything within 1 mile of the proposed location of the 29 Palms sewage treatment plant, the generally accepted area in which despite everyone's best efforts, sometimes you're going to smell sewage.

The value of your property will drop

Real estate listings don't care about this. They measure only by: Are you within 1 mile of a sewage treatment plant.

Even if you're not planning to sell your home now, that plant will never go away. Decades from now it may not even be your home, it might be your kids'. What if they need that money? Developers in this town think they need that money more than you or your family. They don't want to pay a dime extra that they don't have to, so they're willing to take literally MILLIONS of dollars off the value of our homes to save themselves money.

I am a renter, how will this affect me?

You still live here, you're still a human being and a citizen of 29 Palms. Your quality of life matters. You don't want to be smelling sewage over breakfast.

Hey guess what you'll have a new bill! However this is matched to where the new lines are going in, which is a separate map. Not everyone who lives in the Stink Zone gets a sewer hookup, not everyone who gets a sewer hookup lives in the Stink Zone.