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Rising flood risks threaten many water and sewage treatment plants across the US


Water infrastructure across the country is vulnerable as climate change makes storms more unpredictable and destructive, flooding low-lying drinking water treatment plants and overwhelming coastal sewage systems.

"Wastewater systems are not designed for this changing climate," said Sri Vedachalam, director for water equity and climate resilience at Corvius Infrastructure Solutions LLC. "They were designed for an older climate that probably doesn~t exist anymore."

Locals angry over proposed treatment plant


"Discussion of a proposed sewer system for Twentynine Palms, including a treatment plant, has been contentions. Karalee Hargrove, who chairs the city's wastewater committee, talked about how involved and sometimes upset the public is when she spoke at the June 27 City Council meeting."

City Council Recap: June 27


"Joseph Carder, leader of the Stop the Sewer campaign, expressed that he felt the Committee presentation at the beginning of the meeting failed to convey the anger of the residents who are opposed to the wastewater plant and that a recording of the meeting can be viewed at"

Wastewater Community Advisory Committee, June 22, 2023


"...a highly contentious Wastewater Committee meeting. On Thursday June 22, the Twentynine Palms Wastewater Community Advisory Committee met in what turned out to be a highly contentious meeting with a packed audience. At times, the meeting even overflowed to standing-room only. Despite occasional hecklers and a rowdy crowd..."

29 Palms City Council Advances Wastewater Plan


"Last night's meeting of the Twentynine Palms City Council featured citizen appointments to both housing and wastewater committees, a two-year budget report, and a lively conversation on the proposed wastewater treatment plant and pending sewer plan."

Twentynine Palms Wastewater Reclamation Project Phase I


This is the environmental report that the City submitted to the State.

March 14 Council Meeting Recap


There was not a lot about wastewater in the actual meeting, but two public comments about wastewater were particularly interesting and worth reading.

Nov 8 City Council Meeting


"At the Nov 8 City Council meeting the Council rubber stamped City Manager Frank Luckino's revised sewer plan.

The wastewater treatment plant is now slated to be located near the intersection of Twentynine Palms Hwy and Utah Trail, a few parcels west of the northwest corner of that intersection. This is an abrupt change from Luckino's previously floated plan, where the wastewater treatment plant was to be sited up on Amboy Road, much farther north."